I am very certain there is something to be said for self-reliance and its merits. Today is not that day.

After dropping the girls at preschool, I hightailed it back home for a relaxing morning of solo laundry and cleaning. The ridiculousness of that statement is not lost on me. Upon exiting the car I heard the tell-tale noise of air escaping a tire. With the help of AAA and our local autobody shop (thank you, Kirn’s!) the tire was plugged and ready for preschool pickup a few hours later.

But why? Why do tires need fixing? Why do these little (and not so little) events crop up? For me, today, it offers a chance for gratitude. I am so grateful that we are covered on a family plan of AAA (thanks in-laws!) and that our local car wizards are kind and resourceful. I am thankful it happened upon my arrival at home, where I could still fit in laundry and cleaning while waiting for assistance.

Would I be as grateful if the tire had not been easily fixed? If I was navigating the the logistics of borrowing a friend’s car and arranging shuttling help? Or if I endured multiple hours at the car shop with two preschoolers in the morning? Hard to say. But I am grateful to my friends who offered help however it could be mustered, and even if a day of immense patience and transportation orchestration had occurred tomorrow, in little (and not so little) ways we can all help each other.

Thank you to those who reached out and helped me. You made a positive difference in my day.

P.S. The title hails from The Beatles, but in a ploy to get the girls up the stairs at night we offer them a couple options. Fly like an airplane or drive the car is the current choice. Both enjoy driving the car with Anfin, who being the music lover he is, ends the ride up the stairs into the bathroom with an enthusiastic beep beep n’ beep beep yeah, which the girls love and mimic.

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