When I count my blessings, having two brothers who are the best of friends and unfailingly include me in the sibling love fest, is near the top of the list. That my brother, Christian, married Lily, who, along with her two sisters, have seamlessly joined the now Beitel-Erickson-Beitel-Horton clan is just plain fun. As a trio of close siblings growing up, it was (mostly) easy to be the oldest child and only girl in the family. But the addition of a sister-in-law who brings so much joy is delightful.

I appreciate her pursuit of perfect appearing baked goods, our shared love of a spicy, well-made chai (why is this so hard to find?), and her willingness to join me for a 15 minute youtube workout just to lift my spirits, in addition to her marathon training. When she mailed me a chocolate bar inviting me to be her bridesmaid, well, the moment, like her, continues to be a highlight in my days. Lily is a good, kind person who we’re so happy to have in our lives and making this world a better place.

Today happens to be her birthday. While Christian is battling some food poisoning in Peru for work, I have no doubt her sister, Susannah, will help make tonight’s birthday celebration a culinary success. Cheers to you, Aunt Lily!

May your warmth spread to all those around you.

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