You guys, when does it become official? I have a baking kryponite and it is pie crust. I read some more. I used my cool new tools. It is, as the four year old would say, YUCK.

Let’s start with the good. I adore the tapered rolling pin. It’s the perfect size for my hands and allows me to feel the dough as I roll it out. I made a mean batch of apple cinnamon rolls the other day with it.


I also adore my new rolling mat. When lightly floured, not a speck of dough sticks. As for the pastry blender–efficient.

The pie dough itself? So, so bad. I vaguely recall a time when I was making pie dough regularly, via the Kitchenaid, as a topping for chicken pot pie. I remember it being ugly but at least tasty. Now, I’m 0/2. The current attempt, like the previous, seems not to come together but also to be gummy. I baked a few errant pieces to assess. The butter leaked. It was a chewy mess. My dear mother-in-law texted me, “How about a food processor for Christmas?”

The terrible dough is featured in the header above. Any pie dough wizards, I’ll take all guesses. Anfin’s volunteered to experiment making pie dough with me this weekend. I’ll muster the enthusiasm as long as it doesn’t get in the way of making these.

P.S. I just discovered Alex’s website, Pies Before Guys. Can you imagine the skill and patience to make all those beautiful creations? #goals


One thought on “pie dough woes

  1. Haha, I have faith in you! My favorite crust recipe is from the Four and Twenty Blackbirds pie book, and I reposted it on my blog because it’s the foundation for a delicious pie (pun intended 😉). You still have so much time before Thanksgiving. Keep at it!


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