You know when there’s a task you’re sort of dreading so you do every other menial item you can think of, plus maybe a few of your own invention, to do first? Well, that’s me and this Thanksgiving pie. I have made, enjoyed, and shared, three batches of chocolate chip toffee bars. Sticky maple pecan buns are in the oven. Oh, and let’s not forget the caramel apples. There’s no pie in sight.

Have I entered the dread phase? Possibly. Sunday night Anfin made an apple cranberry crumb pie. I sat at the kitchen island, staring down his technique. After an invigorating discussion about gluten formation, #wearesocool, Serious Eats further provided an in-depth discussion on methodology. Truth be told, I think my next round of pie dough (haha) will be much improved. The dread will be put aside. As long as something else doesn’t come up first.

Happy Halloween!

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