Disclaimer: I wrote this a little while ago, back when there was more of a spring in my step and our Subaru still had two wheel bearings that would not need to be replaced within in a week of each other. Before Thanksgiving travels and apparently the onset of winter in November. Life man.

Back to the title–Rolls.

Ahem, not those.

But, you know what soothes the soul? Carbs. It’s true. There’s nothing like eating enough of them until your stomach is so leaden you couldn’t possibly move plus you’re so tired from eating them all that you eventually fall asleep. Soul soothed. Like magic.

As are, I’ve discovered, homemade rolls. My parents off and on followed the Zone Diet growing up, where the goal was to balance intake of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. My parents also have my sweet tooth. Or, I suppose I have theirs, so meals often resembled zucchini, chicken, and dessert. Then I met my husband whose Mom, an amazing cook, served pasta with a side of bread. Suddenly it was a whole new world, one I’ve slowly dipped my toes into for fear of the carbohydrates running amuck.

And now they have. For me, the beauty of a dinner roll has become if you eat several dinner rolls, you’ve then in fact consumed dinner. (Just don’t forget the butter).

These one-third whole wheat dinner rolls (see, a little health redeemed) from Half Baked Harvest are just the thing. They’re brushed with a rosemary butter combination, then topped with flaky sea salt. I even went all fan girl and asked Tieghan about her favorite sea salt. If you’ve been living under a rock, with me apparently, learn about Maldon sea salt flakes.

I recently discovered Tieghan’s blog and would like to pretend we would be friends if we met in real life. Until then, I’ll bask in her beautiful site from my carbohydrate induced coma.

To winter in November, my friends, carb up.

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